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The Tortoise and the Hurl

The Speedhound OnlyOne™ frameset is the only bike to feature the patent-pending Speedhound Dropout System™ – accommodating just about any type of ride style and configuration. To showcase this, we recruited a diverse range of local riders and video-taped their experiences in and around our home towns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota.

For the first video, we started by challenging one of Minneapolis’ most infamous characters, Tom ‘Hurl’ Everson of Cars-R-Coffins to a confrontation with Norman, the red-footed tortoise. We chose the gravel of the Southwest LRT near Chaska, MN so both would feel a bit more at home. Hurl was set up with a geared OnlyOne™ frameset, while Norman was armed with shells of persistence.

Tom ‘Hurl’ Everson (
Norman the red-footed tortoise

Story by:
Chris Cleveland (

Shot and Edited by:
Paul Moehring (

Produced by:
Bicycle Theory (

NAHBS Bike Peek

We’re headed to NAHBS 2012 in Sacramento this week, and we’re bringing three Speedhounds.  Two of them got away before we could snap any pix, but the third was trapped in the alley behind our shop.

Nice view. Is that a disc brake?

We hear that Gates Carbon Drive is sponsoring a design contest for belt-drive bikes.  Wait what’s this?

That's not a chain!










Tune in for more NAHBS info and full details on our show bikes.

That minivan is following you.


See you at NAHBS!

A Pint-Sized Speedster: the Italian Greyhound

Speedhound’s mascot is a 10-pound Italian Greyhound named Cooper.  Italian Greyhounds (IGs) are natural athletes, and are the third fastest dog on the planet, after Greyhounds and Whippets.  They have a strong prey drive and love to chase small animals.  As a member of the sighthound group, they have very keen eyesight, which makes them great at pursuing “prey” in sports like lure coursing.  IGs love to participate in other competitions, too.  They are great racers and are very adept at agility courses.  Here’s a glimpse into the sporting world of Italian Greyhounds.


Obedience trials test an Italian Greyhound’s ability to perform a set of tasks.  Dogs are required to heel both on and off leash at different speeds, come when called, and stay still for a simple physical examination and with a group of other dogs.  They are also given jumping and retrieving exercises and scent discrimination tasks.

Lure Coursing

One of the most exciting sports that an Italian Greyhound can compete in is lure coursing, because it brings out the natural predator within.  A lure course simulates a hare’s flight to evade a pursing hound.  The “hare” (a white plastic bag or cloth) is attached to a continuous cord that is looped through a series of pulleys just above ground level, to create a course with straightaways and varying turns.  The cord is drawn around the course by an electric winch.  At a competition, IGs run in pairs or trios with traditional greyhound style racing blankets. Judging is not according to time, but the dogs’ ability to follow the lure with enthusiasm, agility, speed and endurance.

Here’s a great lure coursing video from this year’s European Championships.




The Large Gazehound Racing Association, (LGRA) governs IG racing. IGs are eligible to compete for the GRC (Gazehound Racing Champion) title and Supreme GRC title. LGRA racing is 200 yard straight track sprint racing.

In addition, the National Oval Track Racing Assoc (NOTRA) also recognizes IGs. NOTRA holds 300-400 yard races on an oval track.

In LGRA and NOTRA race meets the dogs chase an artificial lure pulled by a small battery operated motor.


Even though Italian Greyhounds are sighthounds, they can use their noses to find game. Tracking trials allow IGs to demonstrate their natural ability to recognize and follow human scent.

Various titles are awarded for courses of different lengths and difficulty.  At the highest level, an IG has to follow a track that is 3 to 5 hours old that may take him or her through a wilderness setting or down a paved sidewalk, through buildings and other urban environments.


Agility is a relatively new sport that’s right up the IGs alley, because it combines playful fun, speed and physical prowess!   Agility events include a number of obstacles such as A-frame, pause table, dog walk, see-saw, high jump, broad jump, open and closed tunnels, tire jump and weave poles. There is an allocated time to run each course.

To learn more about Italian Greyhound sporting events, take a look at the Italian Greyhound Club of America’s website.

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Hangin’ with The Mayor at The Ciclovia

By proclamation of Mayor R.T. Ryback, Sunday, June 12 is Open Streets/Ciclovia day in Minneapolis, and Speedhound will be there!  From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. you can ride, walk, skate, or otherwise power yourself anywhere on a CAR-FREE Lyndale Avenue between 22nd and 42nd Streets. That’s 20 blocks without infernal combustion engines.  The weather should be great.  Hope to see you there!

Our booth will be right by the Mayor’s space so stop by and thank the Mayor for making this great event possible – and check out all of the pretty Speedhounds!

Get all the details here.


Carbon Drive Systems and Speedhound

Right after posting about our NAHBS New Black fixed gear bike, we found this great post on the Carbon Drive Systems Blog: While you’re there, check out their website to learn more about this fantastic alternative to the chain.

Back in New Black

Our NAHBS booth also featured a fixed gear ONLY ONE in New Black.  What makes this bike special is the Gates belt drive, with 55 tooth front and 20 tooth rear sprockets.  We used the Carbon Drive 12 mm wide belt, which Gates suggests for fixed gear and MTB applications.  It’s 20% stronger than the normal 10 mm belt, so it’s great for skid stopping.   The Carbon Drive fixed gear sprocket threads to any standard track hub and is secured with a normal lockring.

New Black Fixie Front Sprocket

Speedhound in New Black

Speedhound’s New Black is a matte finish that was developed for solar panels, so it absorbs sunlight like crazy.  You could say it’s our warmest color.