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Powder Coating – Why We Don’t Paint.

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form.

The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. The most common polymers used are polyester, polyurethane, polyester-epoxy (known as hybrid), straight epoxy (fusion bonded epoxy) and acrylics.  Powder coating creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Here’s a bowl full of Speedhound’s TRO Orange “paint” waiting to be applied.

TRO Orange powder

There are several advantages of powder coating over conventional paint.  In addition to the durability of the coating, this process is very green:

  1. Powder coatings emit zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  2. Powder coating overspray can be recycled and thus it is possible to achieve nearly 100% use of the coating.
  3. Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.

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What makes a Speedhound so fast?

OK, this isn’t about our bikes.  It’s about Italian Greyhounds (and our mascot, Cooper).  Italian Greyhounds, like other Greyhounds, take advantage of a “double suspension gait” to reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

Here’s how double suspension gait works:

Double Suspension GaitThe dog’s front legs are in full extension forward while the rear legs are in full extension rearward. Additionally, the dog’s back is folded and attains maximum overreach, or where the rear feet extend in front of the front feet and the front feet extend behind the rear feet. When the feet pass each other, the front feet are inside of the rear feet.

A dog uses its back to attain speed. The back’s most flexible point is just over the loin area and the tuck-up allows for the folding of the under portion of the dog’s body. The rear legs overreach on the outside of the front legs. Essential for a fast dog is the ability to flex its back from a straight position to an arched position. A permanent arch is inflexible and is considered a serious fault. The double suspension gallop is a leaping gait with the hind legs first propelling the dog into the air and then followed by the front legs propelling. The shoulder muscles, the ham muscles and the back muscles are the engines of this motion.

Although speed is gained by animals using this gait endurance will be sacrificed. Sighthounds and some cats can rapidly overtake their prey but if the chase continues for too long then their prey can escape. Dogs with short legs, as well as other short-legged mammals like the weasel, often use this gait.

Here’s a fun video of an Italian Greyhound racing a bike (not a Speedhound, btw).

Italian Greyhound/Bicycle Race

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Rustproofing Stainless Steel

Everyone knows that stainless steel never rusts, right?  Well, not exactly.  Stainless steel needs to be protected through a process called passivation.  Passivation is the process of making a stainless steel “passive”, usually by the deposition of a layer of oxide on its surface.  In the context of corrosion, passivation is the spontaneous formation of a hard non-reactive surface film that inhibits further corrosion. This layer is usually an oxide or nitride that is a few nanometers thick.

Stainless Steel PartsThe Speedhound Dropout System includes stainless steel inserts that undergo the passivation process to maximize their durability and useful life.  After the parts are formed, they go through the passivation process as a final finishing step.  This greatly reduces the chances that the inserts will rust, even through the muddiest cyclo-cross season.

Road Sportif Concept Bike photos

We’ve posted several photos of the Road Sportif concept bike featured here last week on our Flickr stream. See it in it’s full glory here.

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The Road Sportif Concept Bike

The Speedhound Road SportifDo you dream of a long ride on the open road?  This well-rounded road bike features all-day comfort geometry and durable,  ride-smoothing steel.  Whatever comes down the road, the ONLY ONE frameset can handle it.

Add some lightweight climbing wheels like the DT-Swiss RR 1450s and smooth shifting SRAM Rival derailleurs and the ONLY ONE frameset makes a road machine that rewards your efforts (19.0 lbs as shown, less pedals).

Road Sportif Specs

  • Speedhound ONLY ONE 51 cm frameset in Nut Green
  • SDS aluminum road dropout insert with derailleur hanger
  • SRAM Rival 10-speed derailleurs and shfters
  • Race Face Cadence crankset 53-39t
  • SRAM 12-25 10-speed cassette
  • DT-Swiss RR 1450 mon Chasseral wheels
  • Vittoria Open Corsa EVO 700X25 tires
  • Tektro medium-reach caliper brakes
  • Race Face Cadence bars
  • Thomson X-2 stem
  • Thomson Elite seatpost
  • Selle Italia Diva saddle

Visit an authorized Speedhound Dealer to create your own Road Sportif.

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