Holiday greetings from the Speedhound crew! A few months ago, we introduced you to Speedhound’s mascot, Cooper, our adopted Italian Greyhound.  He’s been a wonderful addition to our family and we’re grateful to the people at Lifeline Italian Greyhound Rescue for bringing us together.

Italian Greyhounds (IGs), an AKC “toy” breed, can be playful, loving and loyal pets in the right home. IG owners can expect a bundle of energy and maybe even an enthusiastic agility or lure coursing athlete.

Here’s an impressive agility run by an IG in France:

IGs thrive on activity, and demand regular walking and play time. Their short hair means little shedding and no “doggy” smell, but they need warm coats for winter walks, and they hate snow. Check out Fonzi dealing with the white stuff. Sadly, not everyone is prepared to live with the quirks of the breed, and many IGs are given up because of expensive leg injuries, house-training challenges or high energy levels.

Cooper has been a joy to us from the day we brought him home from Lifeline as a foster puppy.  We attend many Lifeline events and include them our charitable gifts each year.  As you plan your gifts this holiday season, please consider supporting Lifeline’s fostering and adoption programs.  They have a number of affiliates that will donate a portion of your purchases to Lifeline.  They also take direct donations.  A $25 gift will buy a warm winter coat for an IG.

If you’d like to learn more about adopting or fostering an IG, you can e-mail Jenny at Lifeline here. May your holidays be bright!

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