Bikes4Kidz is a non-profit organization that has fixed up thousands of donated bikes to give away to children in the Twin Cities area.  We volunteered our mechanical talents to repair bikes and to help with distributing them.  Bikes4Kidz has a repair and storage site conveniently located near Speedhound HQ, so we went over on a recent morning to pitch in.

Chris repairs a "Bratz" themed bike.

There were eight volunteers on hand in a space the size of several football fields.  Plenty of tools, bike parts and cleaning supplies were available for us to transform unloved and unwanted bikes into safe and sparkling rides that will delight some deserving kids.

Hundreds of bikes for kids.

Turns out this is also where the Nice Ride bikes go to spend the Winter.

Nice Rides hibernating at an undisclosed location.

Someone’s going to be pumping up a lot of bike tires next Spring!