The Speedhound OnlyOne™ frameset is the only bike to feature the patent-pending Speedhound Dropout System™ – accommodating just about any type of ride style and configuration. To showcase this, we recruited a diverse range of local riders and video-taped their experiences in and around our home towns of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota.

For the first video, we started by challenging one of Minneapolis’ most infamous characters, Tom ‘Hurl’ Everson of Cars-R-Coffins to a confrontation with Norman, the red-footed tortoise. We chose the gravel of the Southwest LRT near Chaska, MN so both would feel a bit more at home. Hurl was set up with a geared OnlyOne™ frameset, while Norman was armed with shells of persistence.

Tom ‘Hurl’ Everson (
Norman the red-footed tortoise

Story by:
Chris Cleveland (

Shot and Edited by:
Paul Moehring (

Produced by:
Bicycle Theory (