The Speedhound Dropout System now includes a disc brake option!  We’ve tested and refined our slider-style dropout and now have the production version ready to go.

Installing the dropout is easy.  If you’re using belt drive, you slip the belt through the slot in the frame receiver, so that it’s inside the rear triangle.

A Gates Carbon Drive belt on its way.

Then a backing plate bolts into the receiver with standard chainring bolts, just like the other types of dropouts in the Speedhound Dropout System.

The slider backing plate closes the slot in the receiver.

The last step is to attach the dropout and insert the tension adjusting screw.  The dropout has about a 16 mm range of adjustment, so it’s easy to dial in the proper belt or chain tension.

The screw at the nose of the dropout lets you adjust belt or chain tension. Tighten the two fixing bolts, and you're ready to roll.

At the left side, there’s a dropout with standard ISO mounting tabs for a disc brake caliper.  The beauty of this system is that the brake caliper and axle move together, so that the caliper is in constant alignment with the disc.  To increase belt or chain tension, the dropouts slide back in the frame.  There’s no need to separately adjust the caliper when moving the axle.

An Avid mechanical caliper and 140 mm disc rotor stop this Speedhound fast. That's a Nuvinci CVT hub with Gates CenterTrack belt.

The ONLY ONE frameset with the SDS slider dropouts and disc-compatible fork sell for $1,550.

Cooper approves.