Minneapolitans and Saint Paulites who ride bikes, hang out at coffee houses, frequent bars and restaurants, go to clubs or otherwise get out and about will instantly identify the artist who created our screen-printed poster:

Speedhound by Adam Turman

Yes, it’s illustrator and Speedhound rider Adam Turman!

Some of Adam’s favorite themes are bikes, cityscapes, pinups and beer, so we knew we had the right artist to draw an image for Speedhound.  (Adam likes dogs, also.)  Models for the poster were the fixed-gear, belt-drive Speedhound prototype #1 (bike), Cooper, the Italian Greyhound (dog), and mystery woman??? (rider).

Hear Adam describe his work and see how he draws, inks and prints his illustrations here.  Adam is definitely a Minnesota original!

If you’d like to buy a Speedhound poster by Adam Turman, go to the”Contact” link at the upper right of our homepage.  Tell us your name, mailing address and how many prints you’d like.  We’ll send you an e-mail with payment options, including credit card or personal check. The prints measure 18″ X 24″ and are handsigned and numbered by Adam.  Fifty of the original run of 60 are available.  Price:  $35, including shipping to the continental U.S.