Our branding and Web design crew at  Bicycle Theory pulled together a motley “team” of non-racers to go out and show how to have a blast riding in the new breed of alternative bike races.  We’re the BT Riders, and we’re not out to win anything!  Our Spring Tour begins with the Almanzo 100 gravel race in Spring Valley, Minnesota.  Over one hundred miles on gravel roads.  Ouch, this could hurt!  Fortunately,  four of us will be riding Speedhound ONLY ONE bikes fitted out with puffy cyclo-cross tires, measuring from 700X30 to 700X33.  The extra tire volume and the ONLY ONE’s long wheelbase will help kill some of the sting.  Here’s BT Rider Kristine’s Our Blue 54cm gravel racer, before she swapped the Michelins for a pair of Kenda Small Block Eight 700X32 tires.  Kristine is coming from the MTB world, but she’s been killing it out on the dirt roads on our training rides.  We’ll post a post-ride report soon.  Keep the rubber side down and go your own speed!

Kristine's ONLY ONE gravel racer. The Hed wheels add lightness and the wider rims are a great match for the 700X32 tires she'll ride in the Almanzo.

There's plenty of room for more tire under that Speedhound fork crown. Kristine loves the shape and feel of the new Thomson carbon bar. The assymetric bar tape is just for stylish kicks.