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Hagen Green’s Clean Machine

Alfine 11 drivetrain -- dig the snazzy red Gates belt!

Hagen's clean, clean build. Note how the cables are barely visible.

Our silver-plated, solid brass headbadge and TRO Orange paint.

We heard from a very happy Speedhound owner who sent us a link to his blogpost about his experience planning, building and riding his Only One. It’s definitely worth a read if you have any interest in putting together your own custom ride.  Hagen gives us an in-depth view of how he planned his bike and how pleased he is with the results. He had a few bugs to work through with his Alfine hub at first, but flushing and changing the lubricant and fine-tuning his Versa shifter set things right.  We love his impressions of the ride qualities of the Only One and how it compares with his other bikes.  Thanks, man!

A Sporty Alfine 11 Belt Build

Alfine 11 internal gear hub, disc brakes, belt drive -- this one's got it all.

Talented Speedhound customer, F.D., assembled this sporty belt-drive Only One with a Shimano Alfine 11 rear hub and Versa drop bar shifters.  Avid SL Road disc-brakes provide reassuring stopping power and the dark brown Brooks saddle and bar tape are an elegant contrast to the Ice Cream paint.


F.D. wrote to us: “Just wanted to let you know that I finished building out my Speedhound and took it for a test spin a couple of days ago…and came home grinning. Still got a few things I’m adjusting, but I’m loving this. I can’t get over how silent the bike is while riding. Still getting used to being able to shift at a stop, though. Thanks for all of your help from the initial purchasing decisions and for answering my questions along the way. This has been a great experience for me. It took me a little longer to finish than I had hoped, but I’m loving the final result.”

Take a look here for photos documenting the build process.  We think this Speedhound shows just how performance-oriented an internal gear hub and belt drive can be.

These Versa shifters are designed to work with the Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub. Drop bars give a rider a choice of hand positions and allow a low, athletic position on the bike.

At the customer's request, we painted the slider dropout to match the frame. Note the adjusting screw at the front of the dropout. This allows precise tensioning of the belt.


Speedhound Sport Bottles!

Speedhound logo bottles on Ben M.'s 61 cm ONLY ONE

We’ve got Speedhound sport bottles to accessorize your ride — they’re also great for anytime you want to transport your favorite hydration beverage in a spill-proof container.   They’re adorned with the Speedhound shield and motto on both sides and topped with a TRO Orange cap.  You’ll be going your own speed with these extra-capacity bottles. They hold about 650 ml (22 ounces), are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and are made for us in the U.S.A. by Specialized.  $7.50 each plus $3.00 for handling and shipping to the U.S.  Please order through the “Contact” bar on our homepage and tell us how many you’d like, along with your mailing address.  We’ll send an invoice you can pay by credit card or Paypal.

New Speedhound T-shirts!

Back by popular demand, we have new Speedhound logo t-shirts and Adam Turman art print t-shirts.  These are super-soft poly/cotton blends, pre-shrunk in small, medium, large and XL.  The logo shirts are a soft orange and the art prints are charcoal grey.  Both have the “SDB – MPLS” running dog medallion on the left sleeve and plain backs.  $18.50 plus $5.00 USPS First Class shipping to the U.S.  Please order through the “Contact” bar on our homepage and tell us the style, sizes and quantities you’d like, along with your mailing address. We’ll send an invoice you can pay by credit card or Paypal.

The Speedhound logo t-shirt

The Adam Turman art print t-shirt

Speedhound’s Fabricator is a “Best of MN”

Best Custom Bikes! Pictured is Erik Noren's "Voltran" pursuit bike -- it's a typical Peacock Groove, very flambouyant.

Your local paper probably has an annual “best of” feature every year, right?  You know, best pizza, best ice cream, best brewpbub, best vintage shop, best whatever.  We Minneapolitans have the StarTribune’s 2013 Best of MN, “the greatest breweries to boutiques, restaurants to road trips — 110 reasons to love Minnesota.”  Sure, we’re a big biking town, but still, how cool is it that one of the “best of” categories is custom bikes?  And how  über-cool is it that Speedhound fabricator, Erik Noren of Peacock Groove, was named best in the custom bike category?  (Toggle to the second image to see the original article.)  We’re at a loss for words.  Congratulations, Erik, will have to do.  As an added bonus, Speedhound dealer, Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop + Coffee Bar, was named runner-up in the best bike shop category.

Happy Rider

Forward-thinking Speedhound rider Stephen Y. built out his 61 cm ONLY ONE with the disc brake option, Gates CenterTrack belt drive and a NuVinci hub.  With its New Black paint and all black components, it’s very stealthy, especially with that smooth and quiet belt drive.  Stephen wrote “Went out for the maiden voyage yesterday.  Wow, this drivetrain is smooth.”

Stephen Y's Speedhound 61 cm ONLY ONE in New Black

SRAM crankset with GXP external bottom bracket and a 55 tooth Gates sprocket. The Gates belt is carbon fiber reinforced polyurethane.











The  55 tooth front and 24 tooth rear sprockets give the NuVinci hub a very usable range of ratios for the road.  Low gear is 30.7 gear inches (equivalent to a 39 X 34) with a top gear of 110.5 gear inches (equivalent to a 53 X 13).  The hub is a continuously variable transmission (CVT), so it provides an infinite number of ratios between low and high.  “Bottom line – this whole belt drive, IGH, and disc brake setup is fantastic” Stephen told us in an e-mail.

The NuVinci N360 hub and our SDS slider dropout. The bolt at the nose of the dropout allows you to dial in the belt tension very precisely.

On the flip side, an Avid mechanical disc brake provides super stopping power in the wet. The caliper always stays aligned with the rotor, regardless of belt or chain length.












The brake caliper mount, fork tip and fender/rack eyelets are water-jet cut from a single piece of high-strength steel alloy.

Sometimes we get writer’s block at Speedhound HQ, so it’s great to have a Speedhound rider help us out.  “I could not be happier with the new bike, and I would heartily recommend SpeedHound Bikes to anyone who asks. I am equally impressed with the quality of your frame and your post sale support.  Count me as a fan.”

Thanks for the shout out and pix, Stephen!

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Disc Brake Details

The Speedhound Dropout System now includes a disc brake option!  We’ve tested and refined our slider-style dropout and now have the production version ready to go.

Installing the dropout is easy.  If you’re using belt drive, you slip the belt through the slot in the frame receiver, so that it’s inside the rear triangle.

A Gates Carbon Drive belt on its way.

Then a backing plate bolts into the receiver with standard chainring bolts, just like the other types of dropouts in the Speedhound Dropout System.

The slider backing plate closes the slot in the receiver.

The last step is to attach the dropout and insert the tension adjusting screw.  The dropout has about a 16 mm range of adjustment, so it’s easy to dial in the proper belt or chain tension.

The screw at the nose of the dropout lets you adjust belt or chain tension. Tighten the two fixing bolts, and you're ready to roll.

At the left side, there’s a dropout with standard ISO mounting tabs for a disc brake caliper.  The beauty of this system is that the brake caliper and axle move together, so that the caliper is in constant alignment with the disc.  To increase belt or chain tension, the dropouts slide back in the frame.  There’s no need to separately adjust the caliper when moving the axle.

An Avid mechanical caliper and 140 mm disc rotor stop this Speedhound fast. That's a Nuvinci CVT hub with Gates CenterTrack belt.

The ONLY ONE frameset with the SDS slider dropouts and disc-compatible fork sell for $1,550.

Cooper approves.

Disc Brake Option!

You’ve been asking for it and now we have it — the disc brake option for the Speedhound ONLY ONE!  Now you can have the reassuring performance of front and rear disc brakes with the versatility that makes the ONLY ONE unique.  Our new slider dropout works with any rear disc hub with 135 mm axle spacing, including Shimano, Rolhoff and NuVinci internal gear hubs.  Of course you can also use derailleur systems and single-speed MTB hubs as well.  Because it’s part of the Speedhound Dropout System, the slider dropout also accommodates belt drive.  A disc-compatible fork with our fancy double plate crown rounds out this new option.

SDS Slider Dropout shown with Gates CenterTrack belt and NuVinci hub.

The disc brake option has ISO tabs and is compatible with a wide varitety of calipers.  Adjusters enable you to dial in precise chain or belt tension.

An Avid mechanical disc brake and 140 mm rotor scrubs off speed in a hurry. The fender stay attaches to a mounting point ahead of the caliper. This design also allows the use of a variety of racks.

The Speedhound ONLY ONE frameset for disc brakes is offered at the introductory price of $1,450, including free shipping to the continental U.S.  It will be available late November.

Mid-Year Color Tweaks

We’ve made two mid-year tweaks to the Speedhound color palate.

NOT ChromeFirst, NOT Chrome replaces TiS Grey.  NOT Chrome is a color that the manufacturer calls “Chrome,” but of course it’s really a super tough powder coat, which is not chrome.  So we call it “NOT Chrome” just to drive the point home.  We finish it off with a clear coat and then the decals.  NOT Chrome is a super-fine silver that shades toward grey, with a lot of gloss.  It’s not sparkly or metal flaky.



OUR BlueWe also changed OUR Blue, but we’re still calling it by the same name.  OUR Blue remains a rich blue with enough red to shade it toward purple.  But now it’s a metallic that turns light or dark, depending on the angle.  It’s got depth, but it’s not gaudy like a bass boat.  OUR Blue is also clear coated, which is more expensive for us to do, but we don’t charge extra for it.



The RainbowIn a rough approximation of the rainbow, you can get your Speedhound in Ace Red, TRO Orange, Ray Yellow, Nut Green, OUR Blue, New Black, Ice Cream or NOT Chrome.

See our full color palette here.

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The JenNastix Experience

One of the most impressive things about the patent-pending Speedhound Dropout System™ is that it allows you to easily and elegantly use a belt drive.

For our second video, we recruited fixed gear enthusiast (and Banjo Brothers model) Jenn ‘JenNastix’ Gallup to put the Speedhound OnlyOne™ frameset with a Gates Carbon Drive to the test. And, oh yes she did!

Jenn Gallup

Shot and Edited by:
Paul Moehring (

Produced by:
Bicycle Theory (